Discover Granada with Group Discounts

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If you've opted for a skip-the-line tour, your guide will guide you past the long ticketing lines and to the mandatory security check (depending on the attraction you choose). After the security check, you can freely enter the attraction. Your professional guide will tell you everything there is to know about attraction and will answer all your questions. Your guide will also present you with fascinating curiosities, making your experience interesting.The Royal Chapel of Granada, an Elizabethan style building par excellence, is perhaps most famous for being the cemetery of Queen Elizabeth I and King Ferdinand II.

Without a doubt, the best way to discover the city of Granada is with a guided tour. Granada, a historic city with an influx of cultures, is a fusion of Islamic architecture, Arab food and unconventional street art. Perhaps two of the most unique neighborhoods in Granada, the Albaicín and the Sacromonte, offer incomparable views of the Alhambra. Built on top of the city's old mosque, the cathedral is often called one of the most monumental buildings in Granada.Here you can find the best tours in Granada, as well as tickets to the main attractions and excursions.

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