What Special Packages and Deals Include Souvenirs?

Gifts come in many forms, from tips and favors to discounts, cash, gift certificates, gift cards, entertainment, hospitality, loans, and indulgences. If you're looking for a special package or deal that includes souvenirs, The Salty Dog Gastropub has an award-winning meal package for two. For a more intimate dining experience, the Breakfast Lovers package includes a Deluxe breakfast with balcony for two. When the value of a gift exceeds the minimum value and could embarrass the United States government or the foreign government offering it, the gift may be accepted on behalf of the Department.

A gift is requested or accepted for “official position” if it would not have been requested, offered, or delivered if the employee had not had the status, authority, or functions associated with their federal position. This exception allows you to accept gifts that result from your external affiliations, your outside work or other relationships and those of your spouse, or that are routinely given in connection with good faith work conversations. Modest foods and non-alcoholic soft drinks such as coffee and donuts are not offered as part of a meal. Bribery punishments include a fine of up to three times the amount of the bribe, a prison sentence of up to fifteen years, and disqualification from holding any federal office.

If you were offered a public service award with a monetary component, you must write to the Committee for formal approval to accept the monetary award. You can accept gifts of food, refreshments and entertainment (not including travel or accommodation) at a social event attended by several people without any fee being charged to attendees and the invitation does not come from a prohibited source. If the event lasts longer than one day and you are offered free assistance during days when you are not assigned to submit information on behalf of the DOI or your office, free attendance may be accepted on days when there is no use of the floor. You can determine how long a package or gift certificate is valid by entering the number of days in the Expires Later field.

If offered, you can accept multiple copies of an informational material for distribution to your colleagues or others. Finally, you can accept gifts provided by a former employer to attend a reception or similar event when other former employees have been invited to attend. If you are offered a decoration of more than the minimum value and you want to keep it for personal use, you must request and receive approval from the Committee before accepting the decoration. Free attendance may include total or partial exemption from a conference or other fee or provision of food, snacks, entertainment, instructions and materials for all attendees as an integral part of the event.

It also includes favorable rates and commercial discounts offered to members of a group or class where membership is not related to federal employment.