Unlock the Mysteries of the Alhambra with a Guided Tour

The Alhambra is a magnificent citadel of sultan palaces and lush gardens that was once the seat of the last Arab kingdom in the Iberian Peninsula. Located in Granada, it is a treasure trove of Moorish architecture and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Access to the Alhambra is strictly limited to a certain number of visitors each day, so it is highly recommended to book in advance. The recommended tour lasts approximately 2.5 hours and has a length of 3.5 km.

To make the most of your visit, booking a guided tour is the best way to explore the Alhambra. Guided group tours are held every day.If you want to experience a comprehensive visit and not miss any details, skipping the lines and having a guide for you, here are the best tours to the Alhambra. Embark on a skip-the-line walking tour, led by an experienced English-speaking local guide. This tour guarantees that you will have a ticket to the Alhambra (remember that there are a limited number of tickets per day) and allows you to visit the Alhambra with minimal effort.

You won't have to wait in line, and transfers to and from the hotel are included.For an even more exclusive experience, consider booking a VIP tour with priority access pass. This will allow you to enter this monument before it gets crowded, and you'll set out on a tour of the Alhambra complex with an expert guide who speaks English. Your tour includes a walk through the palatial city of the Alhambra, the fortress of the Alcazaba, the summer palace and gardens of the Generalife and the old Medina.In addition, booking a guided tour enhances the experience of understanding the history and art of the site, especially if you are not familiar with the history of Spain. With this package you can enjoy two services: a guided tour of the Alhambra, where you can uncover all its delights and stories; and an Arab bath (hammam).

On this tour, discover all its secrets, save time with skip-the-line access and explore this wonder of Moorish architecture.Your guide will tell you everything about art, culture, history and religion in each of the areas you will visit. Take advantage of this opportunity to visit all its palaces accompanied by an official guide who will tell you all its secrets, stories, legends and artistic details for 3 hours. Special visits for schools are also available, which includes visits in school groups adapted to their level and accompanied by guide-educators.Unlock all that Granada has to offer with one of these guided tours of the Alhambra! Enjoy this unique experience without hassle or crowds and make sure you don't miss any details.