Discover Granada: A Comprehensive Guide to the Different Types of Tours Available

Exploring a new city can be an exciting and thrilling experience. With so much to see and do, it can be difficult to decide how to make the most of your time. Fortunately, Granada offers a variety of tours that allow you to explore the city in different ways. From walking tours to bus tours, train trips, and night tours, there is something for everyone.

Walking tours are a great way to get up close and personal with the main attractions in Granada. You can discover the most popular spots as well as hidden local gems. Bus tours are a great way to cover more ground than two feet allow and you will be informed as you navigate the city. Train trips are one of the most affordable travel options and allow you to go sightseeing from the comfort of your seat.

Uncover two of the most iconic relics of Arab rule in Granada on this enlightening journey through the city's extraordinary history. This tour begins at the main entrance of the Madraza, the old Arab university from the medieval period in Granada. Learn about Granada's history on this 6-hour guided tour of the Alhambra and Generalife summer palace with skip-the-line admission. This exclusive tour is a voyage through Granada's transformation from Islam to Christianity, with ancient fortifications, luxurious gardens, and its strong Moorish heritage.

For those looking for a full-day experience, there is a day trip from Seville to Granada with VIP admission to the Alhambra and a walking tour of the Albaicín and Sacromonte. For those seeking a unique night experience, there is a night tour of Granada consisting of 5 stops at some of the best tapas bars in the city. No matter what type of tour you choose, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience exploring Granada.